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About Craftershub


Craftershub is a paper Minecraft Chill Zone made for survival. It has a lot of cool plugins that you will enjoy playing with. This is a new server and I am trying to build the community for the same. Better join our discord and Minecraft server for updates and more! Soon there will be a lot of players active on our server. Will you be one of them? Haha, Let's see!

Some plugins are listed below

⇒ Survival SMP
⇒ Player shops/Warps with a shopping district
⇒ Ranks
⇒ Economy(Trade/jobs/rewards)
⇒ Greif Prevention
⇒ Stock Market
⇒ Clans
⇒ Shop
⇒ Banks
⇒ Custom Enchants


- Version: 1.16.5+ (Any)
- Minecraft IP:
- Discord: