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Staff Application
13 days ago


In Game Name: SkiesLimited
Discord ID: skies0009
Role: Admin

Reason: I am eager to join the staff team because I have a passion for both Minecraft and coding. With my experience in coding and helping others, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute positively to the server community. I believe my skills will enable me to effectively assist players, troubleshoot technical issues, and contribute to the overall improvement of the server environment. Being part of the staff would not only allow me to share my knowledge but also learn from others, making the server experience better for everyone. I'll end my topic by saying I can customize the plugins ...

My Staff Aplication
about 1 month ago

Discord name- rohanblade

I want to be staff again
about 1 month ago

Discord name- tirthesh_33 

Ing Tirthesh_T3 

Role: Helper/moderator 

Reason i want to be staff again because i will active now as for some problem i was not active and i feel sorry for that 

I have most play time in many server 

Application for staff
2 months ago

Main Discord Id-@cooldude_sussy_baka
Reason-I want to be kind helper by helping the server grow and also helping new players by giving them Some Armor, Extra Food, Tools, Ores and Some Money to begin with. I also have 1 year of experience of being a Server Admin in a server called as MineBerry. I would also recommend my friends this server and I would also like an opportunity to make this server grow by making it the "Most Voted Cracked Server"

2 months ago

Role- Moderator (applying for)


Main Discord ID- kev_9369

Why do I want this role?   I see a huge potential in this server. I have been a moderator on a youtubers server who has 300k - 400k subscribers combined and different economy Minecraft servers, I can give ideas, or maybe add many details and features as I know very well about playing in economy servers and advertising them. I would like an opportunity to make this server better and it is really not far away for being the 'Best Cracked Minecraft Survival Server'.

Assurance - If You or I think I am a bad Moderator I will quit.

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